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Clean Transportation Milestone: One Year, One Billion Gallons

The U.S. Department of Energy says its Clean Cities groups in the country – almost 100 of them – were involved in clean-transportation projects last year that collectively reduced petroleum use by 1 billion gallons. “From 15 million gallons in its first year to a cumulative 6.4 billion through 2013, Clean Cities is shifting transportation… Continue reading »


A Path to Reduce Methane Emissions from Gas Systems

The United States is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas. This natural gas revolution is driving economic growth across the country, lowering energy prices and creating jobs. It has also contributed to an American manufacturing renaissance. As the President noted in the State of the Union address, American businesses plan to invest almost… Continue reading »




Switching Fleet to CNG Was Carefully Weighed Decision for DART

Switching our bus fleet to compressed natural gas from liquefied natural gas and diesel was a carefully weighed decision at DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). But in the end, it was a no-brainer: go with the fuel source that will promote clean air while saving taxpayers $120 million in fuel costs over the next 10… Continue reading »


Energy Quote of the Day: ‘There’s Been a Monopoly on the Fuel System in this Country’

A new documentary called Pump seeking to promote alternative fuels in the US takes aim at the existing downstream oil products complex and suggests change is afoot. The movie is due out in September and today Submarine Deluxe, in association with Fuel Freedom Foundation and iDeal Film Partners released the trailer that can be viewed below… Continue reading »

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