Texas Alternative Fuel Fleet Pilot Program




Railroad Commissioners Joined Motorsports Legend Jack Roush to Urge Cities and Local Governments to Save Money with Alternative Fuel Vehicles

On the eve of the 2009 season opener of the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Texas, Jack Roush and the Railroad Commission  briefed fleet managers on ROUSH Performance’s F-150, 250 and 350 pickups powered by propane, a clean-burning alternative fuel that is available “right here, right now.”

All three Railroad Commissioners of Texas joined Jack Roush in calling for local government as well as business fleets in Texas to save money by using alternative fueled-propane vehicles. 

Jack Roush said, “Texas leads the nation in pickup truck usage and can easily take the leadership role in terms of adopting propane as an alternate fuel. The interest we have for the ROUSH propane-powered vehicles in Texas already far surpasses that of any other state so far. We look forward to working with the fleets and municipalities of the Lone Star state to clean up the environment, lower their operating costs, and help reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil with a simple switch to propane-powered pickups and vans.”

Check out photos from the event at our Texas Propane Fleets flickr account.

TCEQ and RRC Commissioners with Jack Roush