Texas Alternative Fuel Fleet Pilot Program




“All-American Alternative Fuels”

Todd Mouw, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ROUSH CleanTech, helps Fortune 500 fleets find ways to reduce their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint through alternative fuel technologies. He received the 2011 Green Fleet Sustainable All-Star Award and is the president of NTEA’s Green Truck Association.

Recently, Todd wrote an article entitled, “All-American Alternative Fuels” Below, read an excerpt from his article:

As Americans, we are constantly being reminded that our country is facing unstable times when jobs and money are scarce, gas prices are high, and we rely heavily on foreign oil sources to drive our everyday energy needs. We’re importing oil — lots of it. More than 275 million barrels of crude oil alone enter our ports each month.

But we can boost the job market and our nation’s economy while reducing this overseas energy dependence if we start using American-made resources.

Wright & Filippis, a medical equipment distributor, has found fueling with domestic propane autogas to be a proven and practical solution to offset rising fuel costs and to lower their company’s carbon footprint.

Domestic alternative fuel usage:

  • Creates American jobs
  • Stimulates financial activity
  • Diminishes crude oil petroleum imports
  • Helps our global economic position
  • Reduces emissions of harmful environmental pollutants
  • Increases our national security

Click here to read the entire article from Todd Mouw! To learn more about ROUSH CleanTech and their products visit them on their website at: www.roushcleantech.com. And for those Texas residents interested in learning more about propane autogas use, visit the website of the Alternative Energy Division of the Texas Railroad Commission at: http://propane.tx.gov/