Texas Alternative Fuel Fleet Pilot Program




Did You Know?

Did you know Facebook now has over 800 million active users and is available in more than 70 languages? While Facebook is the largest social media platform, hundreds of other websites allow advocates, policy-makers and regular citizens to share their thoughts with the world.

Social media allows Texas Propane Fleets to be a place where vehicle owners, autogas and refueling infrastructure providers, and vehicle manufacturers can share their experiences about propane, ask questions, and learn about new vehicles that are being developed.

Daily posts on the blog cover case studies of successful propane fleet operators, specifics about the grant, available equipment, propane safety, emissions performance, free Railroad Commission technical and safety training, industry news, an online cost calculator and many other topics.

Helping increase Texas Propane Fleet’s online presence are 5 of the most popular social networking sites available: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube. Sign up today and start following to receive instant updates through news feeds.

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