Texas Alternative Fuel Fleet Pilot Program




New Fuel Efficiency and Emission Standards

Have you heard?  Last month, the Obama Administration announced they would set fuel-economy standards for commercial trucks, buses, and tractor-trailers.  Hearing this news T. Boone Pickens’ stated, “nearly 33% of our imported oil goes to fuel these heavy-duty trucks. By switching to natural gas we would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, not to mention it’s clean, it’s cheap and it’s ours.”  During an interview he continued, “If you don’t have a plan, your plan is to use more foreign oil. And that’s a plan the nation cannot afford.” 


The joint Transportation Department and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative covers a range of vehicles from delivery vans to long-haul rigs, and is expected to cut nearly 250 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the lifespan of vehicles produced within the program’s first five years.  The standards, which are divided among three categories of vehicles, will save 500 million barrels of oil for vehicles manufactured during these model years.  

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated, “It will reduce our reliance on oil and strengthen our energy security and mitigate climate change.”  EPA head Lisa Jackson added, “These new standards are another step in our work to develop a new generation of clean, fuel-efficient American vehicles that will improve our environment and strengthen our economy.” 

To learn more concerning the new rules read the full article found on the EPA website.