Texas Alternative Fuel Fleet Pilot Program


Westport to Offer Dedicated CNG Transit Van, Cutaway

Westport will offer the 2015 Ford Transit van and cutaway as dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) models, the vehicle modifier has announced.

Westport will pair their models of the full offering the 2015 Ford Transit van and cutaway as a dedicated natural gas (CNG) Westport WiNG Power System vehicle. The Transit cutaway will be offered at 10,000-pounds GVW and below. Both versions of the Transit van and cutaway will be EPA and CARB certified.

Read the full article here: Ford CNG Transit Van .


Switching Fleet to CNG Was Carefully Weighed Decision for DART

Switching our bus fleet to compressed natural gas from liquefied natural gas and diesel was a carefully weighed decision at DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). But in the end, it was a no-brainer: go with the fuel source that will promote clean air while saving taxpayers $120 million in fuel costs over the next 10 years.

It wasn’t something we took lightly. As a taxpayer-supported agency, it’s contingent on us to examine every option we have, and to balance cost-effectiveness with other factors such as service quality and environmental impact.

To that end, we evaluated many technologies, including “clean diesel” (which didn’t offer significant greenhouse gas or fuel-cost reduction), and diesel/electric hybrid buses (which were expensive to purchase).

Read the full article here:  DART .


Waco Natural Gas Refueling Keeps Fleets Truckin’ on I-35

amp Trillium’s new natural gas fueling station on I-35 in Waco provides added confidence for drivers of natural gas vehicles that they can “go the distance” entirely on CNG.  Whether the route is Dallas to San Antonio, Tyler to Austin, or points in-between, access to public 24/7 CNG fueling in Waco ensures there is plenty of natural gas in the tank for the next leg of the trip.

Pictured are Roberto Gomez and Thomas Parks.


Railroad Commission Puts CNG Vehicle Tanks on Display

The Railroad Commission’s 10 natural gas pickups are equipped with tool boxes over their CNG tanks.  To educate fleet managers about what the tank configuration looks like under the tool box, the RRC’s Alternative Fuels Division replaced the tool-box bottom plate on its two CNG pickups with a clear Lexan plate that lets fleet operators see the fuel cylinder when they open the tool box lid.  The Commission plans to display the vehicles at future workshops and at the Texas Natural Gas Summit on October 23 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin.


First Public Natural Gas Refueling Station Opens in Tyler

The famed Tyler roses were in bloom to welcome First Alt Fuel’s public natural gas refueling station.  Although City of Tyler trash trucks have had their own refueling station for several years, First Alt Fuels offers convenient, 24/7 refueling for the rest of the area’s natural gas fleets, including CenterPoint Energy, Central Freight, Fed-Ex, Granite Division, and Tyler Taxi.  The posted price of $1.99 per gasoline gallon equivalent is a welcome contrast to Tyler’s $3.37 posted price for gasoline.

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